So What is the graveyard section? Itís where the dead comics that I didnít like enough to make part of pointless go to die. Sort of a place to prove I'm not as lazy as my updates would tell you. Some have merit to them, but by and large I am happy with the way that I have gone with things as opposed to how these sub comics portray things. Take a look at what may have been, but donít take it too seriously.

part one:

This was the earliest work in the graveyard. Itís some of my first full on Photoshop work of the full page comic variety. There is more to it than what is shown, but that is a tale for another day. For now enjoy the almost-medieval style swordplay.

one two

part two:

Jumping up a few numbers brings us to the next section. This is an alternate look at the start of the comic as it is today in some ways. All and all it was alright, but the wacky frames thing never got it for me in this case.

six seven eight nine ten eleven
twelve thirteen fourteen

part three:

Yet another false start. I like it, but in the end the way that is was drawn didnít do the right things for me and it was dropped. The size of some of these comics is almost the same as that of the first pointless comic, just for a bit of trivia.

Fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen
twenty twentyone twentytwo twentythree twentyfour

part four:

The stuff that I liked but didnít like enough to finish. This was made before the last two sections but in many ways is a great deal better than either of them. A good deal of color here and much of this comic was put up in my school art fareÖ and I lost, but Iím not really an artist so itís only fitting.

twentyfive twentysix twentyseven twentynine thirty
thirtyone thirtytwo thirtythree thirtyfour thirtyfive
thirtysix thirtyseven thirtyeight thirtynine forty
fortyone fortytwo fortythree fortyfour fortyfive
fortysix fortyseven fortyeight fortynine fifty

part five:

BlargÖ just be happy this isnít the start I used, trust me with text is/was worse.

fiftyone fiftytwo fiftythree

part six:

New Archetypes was to be the comicís name, well, I guess that that was indeed itís name, but it never got past this part here. This section was drawn during my junior year of high school as an end of year project for my humanities class I do believe though my memory is somewhat faulty. You will see some interesting characters here though, not only is Cam here in a much younger and prototypical form, but we also see Logan, her father. Zack is also here in an early form but he really isnít recognizable as such if he werenít called by name. Arn may very well resurface in the current comic, but that remains to be seen. Look for me on elfwood if you want to see the cover.

fiftyfour fiftyfive fiftysix fiftyseven fiftyeight
fiftynine sixty sixtyone sixtytwo sixtythree
sixtyfour sixtyfive sixtysix sixtyseven sixtyeight
sixtynine seventy seventyone seventytwo seventythree
seventyfour seventyfive seventysix seventyseven seventyeight
seventynine eighty eightyone eightytwo

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