So here is a link list of some sites that I think that people should check out. All of this is comics, because thatís what pointless is and it stands to reason that a comic would link to other comics. Maybe if I get a personal site one of these days Iíll link to other things. Basically so far as I am concerned these are all very good comics. Everything here is either very well drawn or very engrossing, often both things are true. Without any further ado here are the links in no particular order. Note that if the link banner is the no link gif then I couldn't find a banner or the ones available weren't close enough to the size I was using.

Mac Hall:

Great computer coloring can be found here. Generally itís your somewhat typical life-based humor comic with video game overtones, but the art quality and some exceptional comics here and there more than make up for it being part of a genre that needs some immediate culling. Iím a fan and if you like online comics you probably should be as well.

Penny Arcade:

My favorite online comic, bar none. Funny almost without fail (to me anyway) and it has an art style that is crisp, cool, and often imitated. Come for the comic, stay for the sometimes epic-length news posts.

Order of the Stick:

As the name would allow you to guess this is a comic that stars some heavily modified stick figures. That's not what really matters though, what matters is that it is consistantly hilarlious. The setting is Mainly taken from dungeons and dragons, but from my having just played video games based on the sorce material I get most all the jokes. It's funny stuff, read it.


Video games and cats, hell whatís not to like. The art reminds me of Mac Hall on a number of levels, but the writing focuses more heavily on video games. In fact most every one of them is making light of a classic, or perhaps not so classic video game. Itís all done well, and is very much worth reading.

Apple Geeks :

So at one point I had a link up to this site and then my page died or I redid things and the link went away, but here it is again, back where it should have been from the start. If that makes any sense. Very good art, Iíd say that any comparisons to machall are valid, but this comic has a greater fondness for continuityÖ and macs, lets not forget that part as itís where the name comes from. I donít use them myself as I am a gamer by nature, but they sure look purdy.

Alex and Ilia :

Iíve got to point out good keenspace comics wherever I can and this is one such place. Cool art and it looks very unique as well. Also I think ilia is cool, and me saying something is cool should be enough to send anyone into conniption fits with anticipation right? Did I mention that I used the word cool too many times in a row just then, cause I did. Read the comic now.

8:1 :

Pronounced eight to one. Fear the aspect ratio! This comic has a lot of the sort of humor that I like without being pandering or anything like that. I like the characters as they have a nice apathetic feel to themÖ as does the website itself for that matter. I was going to make my website look like that at one time, but darn them they did it first, though I think thatĎs for the best.

Blue Zombie:

Ah finally a fellow Keenspace resident, but the good ones are few and far between. Not that Iím one of the good ones, but they certainly are. I like zombies, I like the color blue, what else could I ask for. Actually itís not your typical zombie and while the plot is still taking shape I recommend this comic with a healthy amount of vigor.

Mixed Myth:

Mixed Myth is a comic that's been around for a while now and it one of the best takes on the fantasy genre out there period. It's got the epic storline going on and it's got action and adventure, but most of all it has humor. Of course you should be reading it.


So I like a good werewolf here and there. Actually this has got that whole werewolf vs. vampire thing going on, so itís like double the mythological monster fun for half the price. Itís a good comic that you should be reading.


Great art here and it's executed with a level of polish that most online comics lack. The story is also of a high quality, all of the characters are well fleshed out and unique. I especially like Sysreq, but then again I have a soft spot for the jerks of the world sometimes.

Errant Story:

Top level art and a story that is really starting to interest me make this a comic that should not be missed. From the artist behind exploitation now, but as Iíve said in the past I like this one more thus far. Thatís mainly due to itís fantasy setting, I like those fantasy settings.

Zebragirl :

Ignore the somewhat dubious name choiceÖ Then again, if you are at a site called pointless such a thing would come as second nature anyway, so I donít really have to tell you that. Itís got demons itís got wizards, itís got all sorts of fun and is really worth a look because it is a very enjoyable read. Oh, and itís not a Zebra girl in the anthropomorphic zebra sense of the word, sheís a demon, which I donít know is better or worse.

Dominic Deegan :

Another site that I forgot to put a link to in when I redid this site. Itís about the adventures of a psychic and his friends in a fantasy setting. That description though does not really do it full justice as the over all execution is exceptional and I would almost go so far as to say that it is the best thing on keenspot right nowÖ Almost, itís at least tied with a few other things for first in my book.

Skirting Danger :

Remember Not Gonna Take It? Why sure you do, they had the talking cats and all sorts of other fun things, well here is a comic by the same person and this time itís with people. I like the art style and the characters are well developed so far as I see things. And itís on keenspot, keenspaceís bigger meaner brother that went to military schoolÖ yeah enough tangents, check out the comic.

Sarah Zero:

I don't know why good comics would want to link to me, but when one does I only feel compelled to return the favor. It's got style, it's got humor, and it's go product placement. What else, I ask you, does a good comic need? It's good, check it out.

A Miracle of Science:

Simply one of the smartest things that I have ever read. I don't know how to descibe it best, it's the future, there are mad scientists and Brazil has decided you're cute. I think that's just about confusing enough, read it, you will not regret having done so.

Alpha Shade:

I never would have thought to make a comic in flash, it just seems counter intuitive to me, but hell, with results like Alpha Shade I'm clearly just stupid. Regardless, this impressive comic by any means. Though it's still early on, I like the world war flavor that it has going for it, read it.

Star Cross'd Destiny:

Cell shaded anime-esque drama with a strong sense of it's own style and some pretty special effects to boot. We here at pointless(and by we I mean me) can fully endorse the desaturated colors and dark linework as that's what I go for myself. Pay a visit, it's definatly a worthwhile endeavor. While your at it the entire Hot Bullet Press lineup is worth several looks, Wander Jive is in there as well.


A group of people with a common and strange heritage go looking for answers while trying to avoid a secretive agency. An interesting and twisting plot is supported by some well developed characters and a very solid art style that reminds me of demonology 101 (that would be a very good thing where I'm concerned). Clearly worth a look.

Wander Jive:

A beautifully original art style coupled with an interesting plot make this a comic that shouldnít be missed. What is going on? I donít think that I quite know just yet, but the creator seems to like And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead so thatís a positive point so far as Iím concerned. That would be a band, for those of you who are wondering.


This is some pro quality art right here and I'm not just throwing accolades around. This is a comic that pulls off the feel of an actuall paper comic better than most anything else I've seen online. Top notch character design outside of the main guy, but then again that's sort of the point of a main character in some respects. Itís looking very good and I think that you should be reading it.

Blade Kitten:

Just brings to mind images of ninja kittens dancing around disembowling foes left and right, alas, it's not so. Think catgirl with a bad-ass sword and you are mostly there. Also worth note is the great character design and the general quiality of the comic altogether. Read this one it's cool.

Eidolic Fringe:

Damned if I know what the title means or refers to, but Itís the name of a good comic so I wonít dwell on that fact. Good comic, sortaí a trip to an alternate reality via a near death experience thing going on in the plot, though if it all turns out to be a dream I will be let down.


Ah Poisonwind, actually thatís the websiteís name. The main draw is a comic that goes by the name of Shadowlark Symphony. Just about as close as you can get to a professionally drawn comic for free on the internet. Cool fights, top notch character design, whatís not to like?

Our Home Planet:

A comic that defies description often. Iíve been lead to believe that itís completely computer generated and the fact that you can see the pixels does attest to that. I sometimes think that adult content is just a crutch that some poor writers use, yet I donít think this is the case here. The quirky characters are funny, interesting, and perhaps even endearing. Take a look if you are in the mood for something different, but be warned, itís odd and not for younger folks.

Questionable Content:

Possessing a subtle sense of humor and servacable art questionable content's content isn't all that questionable... And I feel dirty for having said that. I'm a big fan of banter between characters as opposed to set up "jokes" and the author seems to like good music, so that's some positive points right there. Read it if you haven't already.

Polymer City Chronicles:

Started out as one of the many gamer comics back in the days of yore, when voracious tyrannosauruses prowled the internet and advertising was thought to be a solid source of revenue for websites. It became something with a bit more plot and an enjoyable read at that. If the somewhat ďdifferentĒ character design doesnít bother you too much that is.


Darken: A fantasy web-comic with a distinct art style and sharp sense of humor. To avoid future confusion the author is a girl. Yeah, I know that confused me too for a while. Just trust me on this. Great comic though, check it out if you have any fondness for fantasy settings.

Reciprocal links: These are some people that link to me, be good and visit them, for I think well of those who do.

There you have it, a solid links list if I do say so myself. Iím always looking for new places to like though, so expect it to change from time to time as comics come in and out of favor.

Also here are some link images that you could used to link to the site if you were to choose to do so for some reason.

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