So basically the extras page is where everything goes that isn't a link, an archived comic, or a picture for the gallery. That amounts to my bio and the character evolution drawings at this moment. Later of course there will be more things, in theory, but we shall just have to wait and see about that won't we?

mderenge Bio:

A short little thing about myself. As I've often remarked, I'm not good at talking about myself, but here is an attempt at it at least.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hard to pronouce, but importaint never the less. Find some answers to the questions that I am asked frequently. I guess.


A selection of desktops based on things I 've drawn can be found here.

Cam Character Evolution:

The Evolution of Cam's character design thoughout the years. Part of me wishes this went back farther, but the other part of me relizes that it is indeed best that some of that crap is now lost. It's as the name would imply.

Ash Character Evolution:

Because I'm such a sucker for punishment here is another one of these things. The fun doesn't stop with cam, no I must also relive the horable progression from the old Ash character designs too. At least it's somewhat funny to look at.


This is where the comics that didn't quite make the cut go to die. I have them here to show in a roudn about fasion what it is that I do when I drop off of the internet for those long periods of time. There are more than just these, but if I put everything up all right at once that wouldn't be any fun at all.

Guest Art:

Look, other people are drawing my characters, somebody stop them! Nah, actually I really enjoy to see this sort of thing and my thanks goes out to anyone who draws something from the comic. Just keep it respectable eh? Enough talk, go a check out the cool things that people have drawn.

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