Here on will find a short description of the three current main characters in the comic as well as some short descriptions of other characters of lesser importance

Ashley aka Ash:

Age: 26

Height: 6'4”

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description:Caucasian, tall with an athletic, yet light build. He has a pronounced nose and a strong jawline and bares a strong resemblance to his father.

Personality: Works well under pressure but generally speaking does not work well with others. Is the sort of person who gets on the nerves of others for a perceived arrogance. He wants a stability in life that he can never seem to attain. Possesses a dark sense of humor and is able to make light of the worst of situations. His greatest fear is letting down the people he cares for and depend upon him.

Camilla aka Cam:

Age: 21

Height: 5'8”

Eye Color:Brown

Physical Description: She is of an athletic build with a dark complexion of indefinite ethnic origin.

Personality: She has an all or nothing sort of personality and as such she either comes off as being obsessive or apathetic depending upon which is the case. Generally she is competitive by nature, driven to succeed in those things she takes interest in. Despite this she also has a strong analytical side and has a tendency to dwell on past events in a manner similar to her brother.


Age: 28

Height: 5'6”

Eye Color: Green

Physical Description: Of slight build and light complexion.

Personality: Defined most by a strong curious streak, Lisa has always had a thirst for knowledge. She graduated early from school and is a linguist of some repute, speaking no fewer than seven languages fluently. Described often by those around her as “sweet” it is true that she sometimes looks after the wellbeing of others before that of herself. Has the tendency to empathize with others and to examine situations from a variety of positions.

The supporting cast


Age: 49

Height: 6'3”

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: Of a thick muscular build and possessing a rather grim visage Logan is an intimidating person physically.

Personality: Has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and intuitive grasp of leadership, Logan is the sort of person that many look up to. Despite his rather intimidating presence he is by all accounts a kind man and a devoted father. He is a driven person with a very focused mind. When he sets his mind to a goal it is almost always accomplished, though other parts of his life have been known to suffer for it.


Age: 44


Eye Color: Brown

Physical Description: Tall and thin, her features are youthful for her age, but her expression is usually a serious one.

Personality: Described as stern but fair by many she, like Logan, was a born leader. A cunning strategist, she has an innate ability to recognize patterns and act on intuition. She is respected for her intellect and efficiency by those around her.


He and Ash were in the military for a time, up until Logan conferred with some of his contacts and drafted the both of them to work for him and the organization. Most often he is a person of light mood and manner. Despite this he is a perilous adversary and a capable addition to the organization.

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