Here we can find a gallery of some selected works from recent times. This gallery isn't updated all that often, but at times neither is my site, so no huge variation from the norm there.

You could also check out the gallery that I actually update over at deviant art, here is a link
no001.jpg: Just a little inked thing from a while back. The spear is a lot like the one in that mark of kre game, I really liked that game, but it seems that no one else other than me did.
no002.jpg: Yeah, this one is just a bit on the old side, still holds up well though. Sometimes art is funny like that.
no003.jpg: Ah, the hallways of bourbon county high school, I am so glad that I am never required to go back there. Regardless, this is some random gothish chick looking somewhat perturbed... yeah, I don't know either, but it's an alright coloring job.
no004.jpg: Not much to say, a character holding a sword... oh and it appears to be windy.
no005.jpg: I want a bass like that... I don't play bass, but it just looks cool. Yeah.
no006.jpg: another rather old one. How can you tell it's old? Well, for one the pointed ears are a dead give away. I don't know why but ears that are not ordinary are like the trend right now. Odd trend.
no007.jpg: Old... chilling out, having some wine and cheese. I hear that they go well together, but would not know.
no008.jpg: Ever say, "you know what, I want to draw underwear."... no? *ahem* anyway, yeah. There it is.
no009.jpg: something nice, a bit different. I may have gone a bit overboard on the clothing folds, but what the hey... or is it hay... oh well.
no010.jpg: Was going to be the cover for pointless back when I had the odd desire to make pointless into something more comic bookish in format. It was nearly completed too, but will probably never see the light of day.
no011.jpg: Why yes it has not a background, but yeah, it doesn't really matter all that much. Just sorta trying to show some musculature.
no012.jpg: I hate coffee, yet my main character seems to dig it. On another note, blurs are fun.
no014.jpg: Just trying something a bit different. My black lines are always thick, but this is taking it to another extrem altogether. It worked out well, but I don't think I will be doing much else in this style
no015.jpg: Now this is something that I really liked how things turned out in. The gradiant shading worked out well. I don't think I'll do it for everything, but it does work out well.
no016.jpg: I don't really end up doing too much in the way of non-comic drawings of ash, but this is one example that I think turned out well enough. The background is just airbrushed random stuff, and that's all that really bothers me about it.
no017.jpg: This is just something from one of the many failed comic attempts I did over last summer. I liked the drawings though and felt the need to finish some of them. There may very well be more of this sort of thing, cause a good deal of that work is okay to look at at least.
no021.jpg: Just a random sort of drawing here, the idea was to convey an emotion. In this case the emotion that was intended is a sort of boastful confidence to the effect of saying ďBring it onĒ except sheís actually saying something much smarter than thatÖ
no024.jpg: This was made by scanning a sketch into the computer then going wild on it with photoshop. No real portions of the sketch are visible and all that you see is purely made by the computer. The goal was to make something that looked very vector-like within photoshop, but then again most of my stuff has that look anyway so why would it really make any difference. I think that this final image is at about 12% of what it was scanned as. I wanted to get in really close to this one and so I did.
no027.jpg: Just wanted to do a random bit of summer time art for a keenspace forum thing. I was really happy with how it turned out as it didnít take all that long for me to make. The text was just a little bit of an attempt at showing how they behave outside of extraordinary circumstances. Which is much like they do act anyway. They arenít drinking beer though, despite what it looks like. In the photoshop version we can clearly see that those lables read ale 8 one, which would be a beverage native to Winchester Kentucky that is best described as ginger ale with more burning. It is a soft drink.
no028.jpg: This was at one point or another made to be the header image for the website, then I changed how things looked an that type of header was no longer needed. Then it didnít see the light of day until now. Itís not my normal style that much is sure. Overall I like it though.
no029.jpg: Used as a teaser poster of sorts when I was just starting back after taking another rather long break at the start of 2004. As of now itís the best attempt at this sort of work Iíve ever made though I havenít done the whole splash page thingy very often at all.
no030.jpg: Here is a revamped version of one of the above images formatted and colored just right to make it a desktop. I wouldnít use it as that would be rather narcissistic of me, but you could, Iím fairly sure itís the right size for such things.

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