Cam is the character that I've been drawing the longest. Well her and Ash both anyway, they sorta go hand and hand as they are related. But I digress. She's changed the most and to illustrate this I have put together a collage of sorts.

Section one. no color to speak of. Also Cam has a jacket here, something that she hardly ever wears now. Oh yeah... and those ears... um yeah. The first picture comes from the second pointless comic. The second one comes from a comic just after I changed my inking style. and the third one comes from the date story arch and again with the trench coat. I figured that having two thirds of my characters wearing black trench coats would seem just a bit uninspired.

Section two. And she has a yellow shirt in the first one for some odd reason. That would be coming from the "quiet, woman" strip. The second picture came from the second alligator dragon series. Also this is one of the first instances in which she has her maroon turtle neck that she often has up until this day. The third drawing was never inked. I think. I haven't looked at it for a while, but regardless, it's got thin lines, which is something that isn't often seen in a drawing that I would call finished.

Section three. The first image is from the nazi firby comic arch, in which cam's skin tone is the darkest that is ever is. She's always been rather tan, sorta meant to be of a non-distinct ethnic background... except for the next drawing in which she looks a touch Irish. Not to mention with normal human ears... In the third drawing the hair is purple as it was for while during the off period of pointless. Also she apparently is an elf during this time as well. This was shortly after the release of the fellowship of the ring and elves were trendy.

Section four. she's a full out elf with midevilish gear in the next one. Also another thing of note is that cam has always been rather toned as far as musculature goes, but in this one she seems to be flexing, I figure if you are going to have a character that can kick someone's ass at least make the character look the part of someone who would do the kicking of asses. That's some my character design philosophy anyway. The middle image is from the never finished comic book form of pointless that was never shown to the public. The last one is from the second comic strip of this, new era.

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