Frequently Asked Questions.

Maybe these answers will keep you from having to ask me these things in E-mail form. Probably not though, but It's the thought that counts I think.

Question: Do you use flash or some other vector based program to make your comic?

Answer: No, I do not. Pointless is drawn on printer paper, inked, and then scanned into the computer. From there I use Adobe Photoshop 7 for all of my coloring needs.

Question: Do you have a tutorial about how you do the comic/ use Photoshop/ draw etc?

Answer: As of this writing I do not have a page devoted to that. There is however a nice topic in the forum that eventually will be turned into a webpage. You can find it here and it's a good start, but I'm going to touch it up a bit more before I make a webpage out of it.

Question: Will you do a link exchange with me?

Answer: I don't do what most people think of when they think of a link exchange. If I find that a person is linking to me I put a link to them in a section set aside for them at the bottom of the links page. If I really like a comic to the point that it's something that I check on a day to day basis I put a link to it at the top with a full text description and big link image. So if somebody links to me the least they will get is a little button, if I come to enjoy their comic a lot I'll do a full on link, but that's not guaranteed by virtue of a link. Not everyone who I link to links to me.

Question: When did you start doing comics?

Answer: Well, the first comic's date says something to the effect of March 3rd, 2001. That would be my first on Keenspace, but really I've been drawing comics from about the fifth grade onward and drew other stuff before that.

Question: Can I draw your characters?

Answer: Alright, this hasn't been asked of me actually, but I think one day it may need to be addressed and so I'll do it now. First of, any sort of tasteful fan art is welcome. At present time I do not have a place for it's storage on my site, but if there comes to be any real quantity of it I will put a guest art page in the extras page. The non-tasteful stuff I'd really rather not see though, don't send it to me and don't put it where I'm bound to see it, like say, the internet. I know that there is nothing I can do to stop that from being made if someone comes to really want to draw it, but best case here is I never see the pictures.

Question: When do you update?

Answer: At least one day a week if I can help it. If I'm going to update it will happen on either Monday Wednesday or Friday with few exceptions. Often I'll update more than once, sometimes I just do one larger update. It all just depends.

Question: Where did the first comic go, you know, the one that really sucked?

Answer: Ah, it's still there, it's just a bit harder to get to. On the big calender on the archives page the first link is still the first comic ever. The first comic button leads to the start of the current series. The main trouble I had with it was that it had a high chance of turning away new readers when they first come to the site. I think it still has merit in being there though, so I've not done away with it entirely. As an artist I like to see progress in the works of others and I have seen that other people are no different. Maybe the start will give some hope to folks who are just starting out and aren't sure if they have what it takes. Maybe I'm just looking to far into this.

That would be all that have come up a few times to date. I'll add more as they get asked.

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