Guest Art:

For whatever reason these people have been compelled to draw my characters. These drawings make me very happy to see for some reason. Regardless, here is the guest art in no particular order, enjoy and patronize these fine folks.
cam.jpg Here we have a great rendition of cam from the artist of The End of Things. Cam, I'm guessing, will be a common choice for people to draw if they are going to draw anything from my comic and this is a solid rendition indeed.
pointlessfanart.gif I'll admit it, I was somewhat surprised when the first time someone drew fan art for me was of the evil shadow monster thing(official title). You really aren't supposed to like the evil glowing monster thingys. Regardless, here's the character in all is floating evil... goodness from folks at Many tidings grim.
Pointless_by_krispy3d.jpg This kickass one of cam was delivered to me via the forums, the only thing I can say is thanks. Really, it's great, I mean look at it. The forum is where the cool people hang out, honestly. More of their art can be found at theirDeviantArt gallery. Check it out, lots of tallent to see there.
pointless.gif I was thrilled when I saw that the artist of 8:1 had done me some guest art. They have a knack for textures in clothing that I really can't touch, great stuff. You should read the comic, trust me.
legeat.png So, I don't really know where to start. I'd just posted a plug on the section of the keenspace forum used for that and somehow the conversation went to this. Done by the vernerable war of Digital War. Check it out and remember that webcartoonest make good cannon fodder.
camfinished.jpg I was really impressed when I saw that war had done an all out colored picture for me. He did really well at capturing the colors and shading style that I use in the comic, I'm still not quite sure how he got them as close as he did. No, she won't be using a chainsaw sword any time soon, but it would be freaking cool if she did.
pointlessfanartmonkey.gif This redention of Cam and Ash comes to us by way of Noise Monkey from Dim Bulb Comics. His rendition of the main characters is quite solid- a great drawing, pay their site a visit on my behalf.
keen003.jpg Here we have ourselves a good sketch of a badguy... alright so that isn't a good intro. This one comes From turnsky of the comic Foxfire. More people than I expected have taken a liking to the badguy for some reason and I'm glad in a way. Look at him. surely he's doing something evil.
Unlimited Buckshot Hey, more Ash, good. This great picture of ash dealing out some pain to a foe somewhere off-screen comes to us from Dayuse. (of Deathblossom) I really like the style of this one, the lighting and the almost impressionist background are both great.

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