Ash, the other main character, sounds like I'm advertising for meat here, but nah, it's just the second fiddle. He's been around for a very long time, in my mind at least. As a character he's been floating around just as long as Cam has been if not longer. In the end it could be said that they play off of one another and whatnot and that's the source of a great deal the ideas for the comic. Anymore he's the normal, calm character, but I guess that is has not always been that way.

At the start of things so far as pointless is concerned Ash was often absent from the limelight. In the first story arch he was there, but the in the second, longer one he was absent, strangly enough replaced by a bear. By this point we all know, Ash and Cam both had silly ears in the old comics. Alright, we won't be dwelling on that, but we can talk of the hair. Yes folks, ash had hero hair to a certain extent. You know the hair that main characters often have that manages to stand up at odd angles regardless of the weather conditions around it. Indeed, Ash's was good at other things than just looking good as that apple above can attest to.

Ash has aways been a shotgun user. I don't know why, somtimes he likes the s-mart special double barreled shotgun and other times it's an assult shotgun, but rarely is it anything else. Indeed when death needs to be delt to some monster or another and ash can't mannage to be elsewhere he will produce a shotgun from somewhere. Also, he always stands with his hands in his pockets, no real reason for that other than he thinks it looks cooler and for Ash that is indeed reason enough.

Ash has always also worn a black jacket of one sort or another. It's his trademark of sorts and though not a very original one I still stick with it today. It just wouldn't be right if he didn't have one now. Pictured above is a rare image from the catear-elfear-human period. There is one image from this time in the comic archive as well, but that's for other folks to fish out if they are really interested in it. Then we have Ash from the new comics, his nose is more pronounced and he has taken to wearing dress shirts under his jacket, but all and all he hasn't changed nearly ash much as cam has... at least starting from the begining of the comic anyway.

There we have it, Ash thoughout the ages has been the least changed character of mine that I can think of. Next? I'm thinking of taking a look at my avitar character/Max but then again there would not be all that much to talk about. Untill next time though, later.

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